What We Do


In 1996, a group of business executives and concerned citizens banded together with the shared goal of finding a meaningful way to support public safety employees in times of dire need. The Heroes Club was incorporated in September of that year as a 501(c) (3) organization. For over 25 years our goal has remained the same: to show unwavering appreciation and support for the public safety officers who serve and protect Carmel and Clay Townships.

⋆ Accidental Death Policy

Our annual membership dues cover the cost of the premium, which is paid each January. All dues and donations are tax-deductible. The chief instrument of this support is an accidental death policy that is provided to a designated beneficiary of an officer who loses his or her life in the line of duty serving in Carmel or Clay Townships. The initial policy in 1996 provided coverage of $50,000. Following the events of 9/11, it became evident that our public safety officers needed even more protection. Over time, coverage was increased to $150,000 and now stands at $400,000 thanks to the members of the Heroes Club and our generous donors.


P.O. Box 4236, Carmel, IN 46082-4236

E-mail: [email protected]